U.S. Navy confirms interest in UFOs

In previous articles, I have written about a historical event that happened on 16 December 2017: the US Department of Defense released videos showing Unidentified Aerial Phenomena, more popularly known as Unidentified Flying Objects.

Up until recently, it has been unclear if it really was the US Department of Defense (DoD) who released the videos or not. Today we have the documentation that proves that, in fact, it was the DoD who released the three UFO videos (called “FLIR1”, “Gimbal”, and “Go Fast”). You can read about the DoD´s confirmation of releasing the U.S. Navy UFO videos on the journalist Alejandro Rojas’ blog at the following link:

If you are unfamiliar with what happened on 16 December 2017, and what we today know about the Pentagon´s black UFO program “Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program” (AATIP), I recommend you to listen to this episode of Open Minds UFO Radio and also take a look at the informative links related to the episode:

Now to the latest development of what started on 16 December 2017. Or let me emphasise, what I believe started in late 2017: A careful and selective disclosure process of the truth behind the UFO phenomenon. However, no official disclosure of the U.S. Government or any other nation has yet occurred. And neither the DoD nor the Pentagon has ever, in clear and indisputable terms, stated that UAP, or UFOs, are “extraterrestrial” or “inter-dimensional.”

Thus, whenever I write about an ongoing “careful and selective disclosure process”, you have to remember that it is my assumption. I base my assumption on some reasonable information, some of which you can find in the provided links in this article.

What I, and everybody else interested in the truth about the UFO phenomena, today can claim with certainty, and without any reasonable doubt, is that the DoD and the U.S. Navy has confirmed their serious interest in and study of the UFO phenomenon.

Disclosure and confirmation are two different things. But I still think that the U.S. Navy goes public with its new guidelines to investigate and catalogue UFO reports from its pilots is significant.

You can read about the U.S. Navy´s guidelines relating to UAP in this article in Politico:

The article in Politico is from 23 April 2019. On May 1, 2019, the Washington Post had an article on the U.S. Navy´s guidelines relating to the UFO phenomena, but this time with the somewhat concerning news that the U.S. Navy will not release any UFO information to the general public. You can read that article at the link below:

What does all this new information about the DoD´s and the U.S Navy´s serious interest in the UFO phenomenon mean?

First of all, their serious interest in and studying the UFO phenomenon (or, “phenomena”) is not “new” or recent. The U.S. Government has been interested in and has studied the UFO phenomena since at least the late 1940s. We have documentation from the U.S. Air Force, the CIA, etc., to prove that. Read some books by historian and author Richard Dolan, or go to his YouTube channel, and you will find it is a historical fact. Further below, you will find a comment on the U.S. Navy´s “new” guidelines by Richard Dolan on his YouTube Channel.

Secondly, I think that the U.S. Navy goes public with taking UAP seriously is not “merely” a confirmation of the existence of the UFO phenomena, but rather yet another step in the careful and selective disclosure process. Or, more correctly, another step in the ongoing educational- and preparatory phase of the disclosure process.

In particular, politicians on Capitol Hill are being educated on the physical and technological aspect of UFOs/UAP. People from the private initiative “To The Stars Academy…” (TTSA) like Luis Elizondo, former director of the Pentagons black UFO program AATIP, and Chris Mellon, former United States Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Intelligence and later for Security and Information Operations, have for some time briefed members of Congress on UFOs in general, and probably more specifically on the AATIP, and what kind of information AATIP gathered on UFOs/UAP.

Preparing us for what? As I have mentioned in my previous articles about the UFO phenomenon, or as the CIA calls it, “The Phenomenon”, it is highly complex and multifaceted. And the least fascinating aspect is the “extraterrestrial” one. The fascinating aspect is the physics behind the UFO phenomena and the phenomena’s strong connection with consciousness.

Obviously, the profound implications of the truth of the UFO phenomena are the most urgent and crucial for humanity and the evolution of our future on this planet. Now, these aspects are too complex and lengthy for me to get into here.

But let me quote the late professor in psychology at Harvard, John Mack, on what one of the implications of the UFO phenomena probably will be: “an ontological shock.”

Therefore, I believe a faction inside the Pentagon, the DoD, the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency), and private players like “Lockheed Skunkworks Martin” has decided to end the secrecy, lies, disinformation, and 70 years of official denial of the UFO phenomena. I believe this faction — if it exists — has realized that the opportunities for understanding the physics and technology behind UFOs outweigh the risks.

Why now? For many different reasons, including the one I just mentioned above. One is a change in power dynamics in the hierarchy of the Pentagon. Another reason may very well be that military (not only the U.S.) encounters with UAP or UFOs has increased in frequency. And perhaps also in nature? So in a way, it is “the Phenomenon” itself that drives the disclosure.

A third reason is likely that the personnel in the U.S. Air Force and the U.S. Navy is tired of getting ridiculed and threatened when reporting sightings and encounters with UAP, and demands UAP encounters to be taken seriously because of the risk of security and the lives of, for instance, pilots.

There are probably also geopolitical reasons. We know with a high degree of confidence that Russia and China have made more progress than the U.S. in their respective studies of the UFO phenomena.

But I speculate that the most important reason for confirmation and/or disclosure of the UFO phenomena at this point in history is that the U.S. military and intelligence agencies have finally concluded that their compartmentalized way of studying UFOs/UAP is ineffective, unproductive, and way too expensive.

This educational- and preparatory phase, we currently find ourselves in, is a way of the Pentagon asking for help in studying and understanding “the Phenomenon” from the political sphere and the scientific community. That is why this educational phase has a strong emphasis on reducing the social stigma of the UFO phenomena.

However, the bigger question is still, why now? We have all the reasons for following and coming back to that question.

Below you will find Richard Dolan´s take on the news of the U.S. Navy´s guidelines to investigate, report and catalogue UFO sightings and encounters. The duration of the video clip is 18:30 minutes.

We are living in an exciting era, folks. At least if you have been interested in and followed the UFO phenomena for many years, if we, in fact, are living in a disclosure era, it will be a slow process.

But the truth about the UFO phenomena will sooner or later come out in the public domain. Whether we will like the truth or not is another matter.

Whether we can handle the truth or not is perhaps the crucial matter.

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